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What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position using a series of clear aligner trays. These trays are transparent, BPA-free plastics that you can remove when eating, brushing your teeth, and attending special occasions.

How Clear Aligners Work

Like traditional metal braces, it gradually moves teeth to their ideal position. These aligners are plastic replicas of your teeth made from digital scans we get prior to your treatment. Wearing these aligners puts gentle pressure on the teeth, ever-so-slightly repositioning them. Each set of aligners is worn for a week or two before moving on to the next set. Over time, teeth reach their ideal, healthy positions, according to the orthodontist’s plan. The total number of aligners will vary by the needs of each patient.

As with traditional braces, patients must wear retainers after their teeth reach new positions to let gum and bone grow and get used to the new positions.

Aligner Touch Ups

Are you one of the several people who had braces during their early teenage years but did not comply with wearing retainers and are now experiencing a relapse of the treatment? If your answer is YES, then we can definitely help you with clear aligner touch-ups.

A relapse happens when the bone and other structures do not stabilize after the orthodontic treatment, thus allowing teeth to shift back to their original positions or different positions. In these cases, re-treatment may be necessary. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Hamby usually use clear aligners to correct relapses, as they work particularly well for mild to moderate misalignments. before after orthodontic touch-up

Clear Aligners FAQs

What are the types of Clear Aligners you offer?

We offer Spark, Invisalign, Ulab and in-house made aligners.

Will the clear aligners affect my speech?

Absolutely NO. When you first wear your aligners, you may sound slightly “slushy” when speaking for a few days. But once your tongue has adjusted to wearing your aligners, you can speak more clearly. ‍

How long will I have to wear my aligners every day?

For best results, you should wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours daily. Remember to remove your aligners only when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing teeth. Your aligners are not working when not placed in your mouth.

Will aligners hurt?

As with any orthodontic treatment involving moving teeth, you will feel slight discomfort throughout your treatment but mainly during the first few days of your new set of aligners.

Can I drink a beverage with my clear aligners on?

You can with cold and room temperature beverages. However, you must remove your clear aligners when drinking hot beverages to prevent deformation or breaking your aligners. You should also remove it when drinking colored beverages to prevent discoloration of your clear aligners.

Do I need to see my general dentist while having clear aligner treatment?

Yes! We highly encourage patients having orthodontic treatment to visit their general dentist to keep their teeth in tip-top shape. Healthy teeth and gums respond well to orthodontic treatments, so you may want to ensure you do your routine dental check-ups and cleans.

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