Dr. Lucius Cline is Retiring after 33 Years of Orthodontic Practice

Dr. Cline is Retiring after 33 Years of Orthodontic Practice
Posted on 10/07/2020
Dr. Cline, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Hamby

It's with mixed emotions that we announce OAG's Dr. Lucius Cline's retirement, after 33 years of service to the community. Dr. Cline is looking forward to spending time with his wife, Annette, his grown children, and his six grandchildren. Dr. J. Brian Hamby, DMD, and Dr. Karen Rogers, DMD, MS, will continue serving patients and friends of Dr. Cline in the spirit of excellence that OAG has brought to Greenville since 1927. 

“I am truly fortunate to work with Dr. Hamby and Dr. Rogers, who are the best of the best,” says Dr. Cline. “Both provide the same level of care and attention that our patients have come to expect. They have partnered with me since 2008 to build the warm and caring culture that we are known for in our community.” 

OAG is a family-oriented practice that treats children, teens and adults with traditional braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign. The team at OAG strives for lasting relationships with families, often treating patients’ children and even grandchildren.

“Practicing orthodontics at OAG has been incredibly rewarding. Every day is a new opportunity to create beautiful, healthy smiles that enhance confidence and build self-esteem,” concludes Dr. Cline. “I know that Dr. Hamby and Dr. Rogers feel the same way so I leave knowing that the practice is in great hands.”
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